Who We Are

So why is this website linked to two different Facebook pages? Well the reason is that I run both of those pages and although they are related they also actually have quite different purposes. LikePaintingWithLight was started as a page for me to share photographs I took that were meant to serve as reference and inspiration images to base paintings and other art work on by myself or other artists. The page gradually evolved to include digital art and editing as well as different ways to mount and present photographs as art etc. and every once in a while someone would ask to purchase a print. There really wasn't any good way to sell my work on Facebook other than direct those inquiries to a print-on-demand site where one of two things happened. Either prospective purchasers were shown over priced print options or they were shown advertising for other artists work. 

Meanwhile three of my favorite artist friends and I began discussing the creation of a working art studio where we could create, show and sell our work. Foothills Studio & Gallery was discussed and planned late in 2019 with three other artists, two of whom I had been working with for two years in another gallery and the third one I sort of met the day she was born. We felt that Roscoe Village a restored Ohio Canal town and tourist destination provided a great opportunity for a studio / gallery. Work on Foothills began in earnest in February, with a projected Grand Opening reception planned for March 21st 2020. Of course we didn't actually have that ceremony and as I write this we still aren't open to the general public. And that folks is why we decided to build this website and online store. 

Carole Ann Hunt is a local artist who works primarily in graphite, watercolor, and oils. Her favorite subject matter is portraits of people and pets you can check out Carole's website at https://www.willowartbycaroleann.com/  

Melissa Maxwell is from Coshocton County her favorite mediums are oil and encaustics. Her favorite subjects are flowers she grows at home in her own garden. Melissa's art is available at the Foothills Studio or contact Melissa at melissamax39@yahoo.com her Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/melissamaxwellpaint/.

Betty Jo Taylor- BJ is a Coshocton County artist with a wide range. She works in Acrylics, Oil, Watercolor, Collage. Her subject matter is as varied as her mediums. Florals, landscapes, portraiture and abstracts are all fair game.

Jack Hunt- Jack is a digital artist and painter that enjoys mixed mediums. His favorite mediums to mix are photography and painting. His subject matter is mostly old farms and rural landscapes found within a 60-mile radius of Coshocton Ohio. Some folks call him "the barn guy". You can find his work at Foothills Studio and also at https://www.facebook.com/likepaintingwithlight/